November 27, 2023

    PYMNTS: Virtual card solutions make digital payments better for African travellers

    Digital payments have reshaped the way travelers manage money, rendering the traditional reliance on cash or traveler’s checks a thing of the past. Today, it’s all about card swipes, phone taps and using online wallets for on-the-go transactions, simplifying the process of planning and booking journeys like never before. 

    However, as the world of travel payments has evolved, it hasn’t been without its challenges. Navigating currency conversion, for instance, poses a significant hurdle for travelers, especially Africans who need to convert local currencies for international expenses like flights, hotels and other services.

    According to Giulio Leso, vice president of engineering at Klasha, this process, which often involves volatile and complex currency exchange rates from multiple vendors, ultimately results in hidden fees “which majority of the time [travelers] don’t even see until they actually land on their cards.”

    It’s a problem that Klasha, a global cross-border payment provider, is trying to solve, Leso said, by eliminating the hassles of currency conversion and undisclosed charges so that travelers can focus solely on enjoying their experiences.

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