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Klasha was founded in Lagos, Nigeria, by a team of ex-Amazon, Shopify, Net-a-Porter and ASOS employees. It was established to make consumer goods online more accessible to customers across Africa. At Klasha, we believe that consumers in Africa should have the same frictionless access to the goods they want regardless of their geographic location. So, we've built a couple of cool products to solve that.

The Klasha Checkout allows international online and offline businesses to sell seamlessly into Africa and accept payments online in local African currencies. We accept card payments, mobile money, bank transfer, M-Pesa, USSD and the Klasha Wallet. We also offer end-to-end logistics for our merchants, tackling the complex maze of last-mile logistics in Africa, so they don't have to.

The Klasha app allows consumers to generate virtual foreign currency cards. With that, they can shop online from their favourite retailers or pay for bills like international school fees or subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify or Apple Music (one of the Klashans even paid for his MBA using his virtual card). You can also PINK Money to your friends using the Klasha app for free in Nigeria and countries like Kenya and Ghana. The app is available on iOS and Android.


Africa is the future. By 2025, half of the world's working population will live in Africa. So, we're building Klasha to give consumers in Africa the same frictionless access to the global e-commerce economy experienced on other continents.

Nigerians spend $12bn online annually and are set to spend $25bn online by 2025.

Team facts

Otu: We're a super young team between the ages of 18-35.

Abụọ: We've lived in eight countries and speak eight languages, including Ibibio, Igbo, Yoruba, Twi, Japanese, French and Chinese.

Atọ: Over 60% of the team at Klasha are women.

Anọ: The PINK Money P2P transfer feature on our app was originally named Ping Payments by our dev team, but somebody in senior management thought it was called Pink Payments and liked it, so we stuck with it. Users on Twitter now endearingly ask us to spray them with PINK Money!

Want to join our team? Send us an email: careers@klasha.com or check out our careers page to see which superstars we need to join our team next.

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