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Merchants get started

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Using your KlashaDash dashboard, generate your Klasha checkout API keys.



Deploy Klasha straight into your checkout and start accepting payments online in African currencies.

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Frictionless onlinepayments

Sell into Africa and give your African consumers a frictionless payments experience online through our highly responsive, fast and smart checkout.

Accept payments online in African currencies.
Benefit from super fast last mile delivery to your African customers.
Easy integration and KlashaDash dashboard access to track your sales.

Create virtual $$ cards using our app

Convert your African currencies into $$, send money to friends with PINK Money or pay for goods in foreign currencies online.

Fund your card and pay for Netflix, Spotify, school fees or your favourite products online.
Send money to bae, friends or family who use the Klasha app with PINK Money.
See all your transactions in one place and track your spending.

Sell online to the 1bn consumers in Africa 🚀

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