Our culture

At Klasha, we have a unique and carefully crafted culture. We believe in working with the best talent that can ship product quickly and with great precision. You will work in a high velocity, high impact, fast-moving global team alongside exceptional people with brilliant minds and unrelenting high standards who are excited about building the future of commerce in Africa. Although we live by the below principles what's important is striking a healthy work-life balance, resting when needed and taking the time to regroup and recalibrate (and we provide resources and benefits to do so). We hire, develop, promote and collaborate with talent who embody the below principles and we hope you find the above useful in deciding whether Klasha is the place for you to grow and thrive in.

Execute and deliver

Klasha works like a F1 team on race day, with everybody clear on what they are expected to deliver, by when and what the company’s group KPIs are. People at Klasha are relentless and are always pushing through to get things done. Quite simply, we believe in getting it done. We only work with pro-active, disciplined individuals that can deliver what they’re supposed to at the end of the working day. We seek to work with people that are execution machines.

Efforts are cool, but what actually matters is what has been shipped -we care tremendously about results. All team members are given autonomy and are expected to own their own role end-to-end, as well as make decisions that will impact the company and their individual contribution positively.

We strive to work with shroud operators that are organised, results-focused, smart and quick-thinkers. We also seek to work with individuals that streamline their work processes by using modern tools that can 10x their work to deliver error-free results.

Klasha is an early-stage company operating on different time zones and continents, so that means you may work some weekends and late nights and we may Slack you if there’s a code red (especially if you’re in senior management), but we’ll often provide the pizza and Chapman. If no code red, we'll expect replies only during working hours.

Move with urgency

At Klasha, we believe in shipping products quickly. Klasha’s culture is defined by a strong sense of urgency; a place where dedicated and talented individuals come together with a common goal of making positive changes in the African commerce space. People who work at Klasha are scrupulous, disciplined and understand the need to move at lightening speed. We take meeting deadlines seriously, place emphasis on pro-active versus reactive updates and value individuals who do what they say they’re going to do.

Innovation and growth

If we’re not growing and innovating, our company won’t be around for the next 100 years. Merchants around the world rely on our products to receive payments from their customers in Africa, and thousands of consumers in Africa rely on Klasha to make cross border payments. At Klasha, we optimise innovation and move at breakneck speed, and you are expected to move at the same pace from week one.

We encourage outspokenness and openness when it comes to improving both our product and our company. We have an open door policy and encourage all team members to collaborate with other team members regardless of seniority or position. When problems arise, we ask our team to proactively present solutions and not just the problem at hand. When people are given the opportunity to step into their role or level up, magic happens. We believe in our team’s ability to think creatively, solve problems as they emerge, and determine how they want to make an impact in the company. We believe the best ideas come from our team and we support them to implement well-thought-out plans that will impact the company positively.

KPI and data driven

Klasha is a KPI driven company. We love numbers and act according to the numbers and data at hand. Data-driven decision-making is not just part of our mission; it's also how we conduct ourselves daily.

We hold our team accountable for hitting their KPIs from week one of joining the company and, for the sales team, if it's not in Salesforce, it never happened. Upon joining the company, you will be given clear goals and there will be no equivocation about what you are expected to deliver. We will support you to reach your KPIs, but ultimately, we’ve hired you because we feel that you are competent and the best in your field to deliver what needs to be done.

Doing what you say you're going to do

The way we build trust at Klasha is by doing what you say you're going to do. Individual accountability and responsibility is promoted and expected at Klasha. We take personal and collective responsibility for our actions and outcomes.

We are professionals in every department of the company. We have the necessary information and skills to complete our tasks and prioritise our goals to complete our assignments successfully. We operate as a team; winning is more important than ego.

Executional excellence

At Klasha, we believe that there’s nothing worse than shipping non-impactful product, product with errors, long communication delays or quite simply shipping product that isn’t working. We do not settle for anything less than excellence in delivery, execution, growth and learning. We only believe in executing with excellence and do not ship scrappy product just to test what the market’s response is. We’re in it to win and to make the biggest impact and don't find joy in coming second place. We owe it to our team and customers to ship beautiful product that works end-to-end with attention paid to every detail.

We believe that quality is non-negotiable. It's a notion that extends beyond the job to our company's spirit and heart. We're continually innovating and striving for the highest quality, whether it's in the creation of our products or pushing ourselves to learn a little bit more so that we're always on the cutting edge of what we do.

We believe in performance management and continuous feedback and we set the bar high from day one. We are respectfully honest about the quality of the work you deliver and if you’re unable to meet those standards, we believe in parting ways respectfully and graciously.

Concise communication

At Klasha, concise communication is a core principle. We believe that the most efficient method to produce a synthesis of diverse ideas is to communicate and share feedback with one another. As a result, we take deliberate measures to strengthen, develop, and grow our communication skills, both individually and as a team.

We place emphasis on short punchy emails and encourage the same in speech. Most internal meetings at Klasha will last 30 minutes or less. As a collaborative team, "checking in" is very important so we can grow faster. This means proactively bringing issues or recommendations to the team as soon as they arise.