September 25, 2023

    Techeconomy: Klasha obtains payment service license in Sierra Leone

    The regulatory authorities of Sierra Leone have granted Klasha, a major global cross-border payments firm, a license to operate and provide its ground-breaking fintech services there.

    In June of last year, the fintech company closed an extra $2.1 million to complete its $4.5 million seed round.

    The startup, which was founded in 2021 and has a customer base of roughly 45,000 people—a 4x increase from last October—serves both enterprises and consumers through a suite of products connected by a single API. Merchants outside of Africa can now accept payments from Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya using KlashaCheckout.

    With this permit, Klasha will be able to conduct business in Sierra Leone and provide the people and companies of the nation its cutting-edge payment services.

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