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    May 12, 2023

    What makes a good KYC on Klasha?

    Finding out your account is not verified even after you’ve provided your documents can be frustrating. You might not understand why you’re not yet verified. 

    As a financial institution regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), there’s a minimum requirement a document must have to be considered verifiable. This requirement aligns with the CBN’s policy to protect you against financial crime. 

    Our top priority is your safety, and we will not sacrifice that for speed. We have a team dedicated to reviewing your documents for authenticity, and this is what they look out for; 

    Your name on your account and your identity (ID) document. 

    At the point of registration, you must provide us with the same information on your ID document. We compare the name on your account with that on your document. 

    Your date of birth on your account

    Your date of birth should be the same on all documents. Your account cannot be verified if there’s a difference on either platform.  

    Your selfie and passport photograph

    As an added security measure to protect you from identity theft, we compare the image from your passport and selfie. We can only verify your account if the photos are the same. Please stay in a well-lit room when taking a selfie and an image of your ID document. 

    Completing your KYC verification is critical for Klasha. Here’s why;

    • Compliance with regulations

    As earlier stated, we are a regulated service provider and must comply with the rules and regulations set out by the CBN. Completing your KYC verification is a legal requirement to keep us in business. Please abide by these regulations to ensure our services are maintained.

    • Increased security

    KYC verification prevents fraudulent activities such as theft and money laundering. It ensures that the person using Klasha is who they claim to be. By completing your KYC verification, you help us secure your transactions. 

    Here’s how to verify your account

    • Open Klasha

    • Click on Profile

    • Click on Verify your identity

    • Follow the steps to complete your verification. 

    Yet to have a Klasha account? Click here to download the Klasha mobile app and create an account.

    If you have questions about Klasha's solutions or want to discuss your account's verification, send us an in-app chat or contact us via support@klasha.com.