Klasha Business

    November 3, 2022

    Three things you need to know about Klasha Business

    Klasha Business is our simplified payment solution to help small, medium, and large businesses sell to and from Africa. In line with Klasha's goal of seamless commerce payment solutions, Klasha Business has all you need to make and receive payments from your customers, wire large transactions globally, and manage all your payment processes from one dashboard.

    As a business owner operating in the continent who is interested in extending their business reach, here are some of the things you need to know about Klasha Business:

    Accept payments from Africa in local money methods and currencies

    One of the significant hassles of selling in the continent is payments. Most local and international businesses offer their customers limited payment options and currency. This prevents Africans from paying, leading to cart abandonment rates. With over one billion in the continent, you can make your business stand out by giving your customers a localised payment experience. Here's what I mean: with Klasha Business, your customers in Nigeria can pay in naira while those in Tanzania can pay in Tanzanian shillings, to mention a few. Also, your customers deserve to pay via Visa, M-Pesa, and others.

    With Klasha Pay, Klasha Wire, and Klasha Payment Links, you will provide your customers with more payment options and make them return customers with a great user experience.

    Manage your business payments from one dashboard

    You don’t need multiple accounts to manage your business. With a registered Klasha Business Account, you can access a dashboard with other features to manage your business payment processes. 

    The Klasha dashboard has all the metrics you need to monitor the health/performance of your business. This means you will have an overview of your business activities with a few clicks. Some of the additional features are the following:

    • The Analytics tab lets you see and monitor your transactions, payment methods, and overview of your reports.

    • Balance lets you see your entire balance history, total payout, and request for new payouts.

    • Transactions show your payment history. You can see the transaction ID, method, source, customer email, status, amount, and transaction date. The status column indicates whether the transaction is successful, pending, or failed.

    • The Exchange Rate tab allows you to calculate the rate before sending a cross-border payment.

    Send large transactions from Africa to other parts of the world

    If you’ve got suppliers and business partners overseas, you can send them money easily with Klasha Wire, a Klasha Business feature. Wire large transactions to your business partners and suppliers in the UK, USA, China, and other global locations in naira, cedis, and other local African currencies. Your wire transfer is secure and settled in 1-4 business days. In addition, you can track the different stages of your transactions and make multiple transactions per day. 

    With unlimited capabilities, Klasha Business has all you need to reach your customers in Africa or make payments from Africa across the globe. With a large consumption base in Africa, all businesses in the continent must step up their game and improve how their customers interact with the business. Send us an email if you want to know more about Klasha Business.