Case studies

    September 4, 2023

    Klasha helped Sporting Lagos source their sporting goods and easily pay their global vendors

    Decimal Sports Limited (Sporting Lagos) is a football club in Nigeria presently playing in the Football League (NFL). Sporting Lagos was created in 2021, and they played their first match in 2022 in the Nigerian National League (NNL). Within a year, the club was promoted to the NFL to compete in the premier league. The club’s mission is to use football to build generations of talent and unite people like never before.

    The Challenges

    As a football club, Sporting regularly purchases football kits from global vendors. These vendors require payments in their local currencies, such as dollars, pounds, euros, etc. To pay these vendors, they usually go through a lengthy vetting process of each transfer agent to mitigate fraud. This often led to a delay in payments and supply of goods purchased. They needed a payment partner with global credibility to empower fast and secured payments.

    The Klasha solution

    Sporting Lagos partnered with Klasha to facilitate their cross-border payments. With Klasha, Sporting Lagos has a dedicated business account and dashboard to pay their suppliers in three days. They pay with naira, and the vendors get paid in their preferred currencies.

    Since switching to Klasha for wire transfers, we have been able to pay our vendors more quicker. Compared to other money transfer companies, we get the best rates. Thanks to Klasha, we meet our payment deadlines and never have to worry about security.” Nneoma Ukandu, Operations Manager at Sporting Lagos.

    The result

    Through Klasha, Sporting Lagos has reduced the time it spends sourcing for payment partners and the weeks their vendors take to receive the payments. They have also reduced the cost of transactions by working with the Klasha sales team to plan transactions at favorable times.

    Using African currencies and money methods, Klasha Wire helps businesses wire money overseas to their partners and suppliers in China, the USA, the UK, Turkey, and over 120 other countries. The recipients receive the equivalent payout in hard currencies like USD, CNY, EUR, GBP, INR, and other G7 currencies in T+1-3.

    You can book a meeting with our sales team to learn more about Klasha Wire or any of our Klasha Business Account features that make cross-border payments in Africa more seamless.