Klasha Business

    October 5, 2022

    Klasha Business: three reasons you will love our simplified payment solutions

    Easy to manage and use for offline and online businesses, Klasha Business helps you to receive payments, make international transactions, and manage your business payment solutions from one dashboard. Being a local or international business owner, selling into Africa has become more seamless.

    We’ve put together three top reasons our merchants love our simplified payment solutions.

    Simple localised payment experience

    We want to help you extend your business reach, and one sure way to do this is by ensuring your customers have a great experience interacting with your business or store. Klasha Payment Links and KlashaCheckout are top payment gateways that provide a localised payment experience when your customers can pay in their local currency and money methods. Here’s how.

    KlashaCheckout integrates into BigCommerce, Ecwid, OpenCart, and other e-commerce stores on the web, iOS, and Android and helps your customers make seamless payments in minutes. Our highly responsive checkout also enables you to increase your conversion rates and reduces cart abandonment rates. You will also enjoy high transaction success rates when your customers can pay with payments in African currencies like naira, cedis, and Tanzanian shillings.

    If you don’t have a website, you’re not left out.

    Klasha Payment Links helps businesses create and share customised payment links to customers; you don’t need a website or coding experience to do this. Simply sign up for a Klasha Business Account, create a one-off or recurring link, share the link via email or other social channels, and collect payments in African currencies. At the same time, you can get paid out in USD, GBP, and other foreign currencies.

    Making seamless cross-border transactions

    Asides from providing businesses with reliable payment gateways in Nigeria and other African countries, business owners in the continent can also wire large amounts abroad without barriers. If you’ve got suppliers and business partners overseas, you can send them money easily. KlashaWire, a Klasha Business feature, helps you send money in your local African currency while the recipients get it in their dominant currency. This means you can send money to the UK, USA, China, and over 120 countries in naira, cedis, and other local African currencies. Your wire transfer is secure and settled in 1-4 business days.

    Business dashboard with FX capabilities

    With Klasha Business, you get to manage your business payment processes from your dashboard with access to the following:

    • The Klasha dashboard analyses and displays all metrics and data points needed to monitor the health/performance of your business. As a merchant, your Klasha dashboard gives you a complete overview of your business’s activities and helps you make business decisions by viewing your store’s performance at a glance.

    • Balance lets you see your entire balance history, total payout, and request for new payouts.

    • The Analytics tab gives you an overview of the reports and metrics you care about most. It allows you to monitor your total and successful transactions and also analyses which payment methods your customers use the most.

    • Transactions show your payment history. You can see the transaction ID, method, source, customer email, status, amount, and transaction date. The status column indicates whether the transaction is successful, pending, or failed.

    • Need to know a specific currency’s exchange rate? The Exchange Rate tab allows you to see the rate and make calculations before sending a cross-border payment.

    Your business dashboard is where you send and receive payments with KlashaWire, KlashaCheckout, and Klasha Payment Links.

    The features of Klasha Business have helped numerous businesses, such as Truthware solutions and Efugo Extractives, to mention a few. If you want to reach over one billion consumers in Africa, manage your business payment processes and sell seamlessly. Visit dashboard.klasha.com to get started.

    Send an email to speak to our sales team if you want to know more about Klasha Business, our simplified payment solutions.