Company news

    October 20, 2023

    Jessica Anuna, CEO of Klasha, wins the United Nations’ Women in Business Award, 2023

    Klasha, a leading global cross-border payments company, is thrilled to announce that its CEO,Jessica Anuna, has been awarded the UN Women in Business award for her exceptional contributions to global business development. Jessica received the prestigious Women in Business Award for her transformative work at Klasha, revolutionizing cross-border payments in Africa.

    Launched in 2008, the UN Women in Business Award celebrates purpose-driven women entrepreneurs who deliver real social impact, good jobs, solid opportunities, and sustainable business models. Klasha's approach to cross-border payments aligns with the broader mission of the United Nations to promote sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion.

    “Cross-border payments in Africa have long been associated with challenges and complexities. We recognized the need for a solution that empowers local and global businesses to transact efficiently across borders, and our team has been working hard to deliver a solution that genuinely solves this challenge. This award is a testament to our commitment and motivation to keep up the good work.” said Jessica Anuna. 

    Under Jessica’s guidance, Klasha has developed innovative technologies and solutions that have simplified cross-border payments, reduced costs, and improved security. Her vision and leadership have enabled Klasha to emerge as a global authority in the cross-border payments ecosystem.

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