December 28, 2022

    How to integrate KlashaCheckout into your Squarespace store

    Is your business website hosted on Squarespace? We have a straightforward guide on how you can integrate KlashaCheckout and receive payments in local currencies from your customers. Do ensure you have an Ecwid account to proceed.

     Select the Overview tab on your Ecwid account and click on Squarespace.

    Copy the Ecwid integration code by clicking on the Copy code to Clipboard button.

    Sign in to your Squarespace account or create one.

    Choose a page where you want to place your store. 

    Add an Embed block to the page and paste the integration code into this block. Save the changes.

     To insert Ecwid to the Squarespace footer, open Squarespace → Settings → Advanced → Code Injection → Footer and paste the script code into the footer. Save the changes.

    Then publish and visit your site to click on an item to purchase.


    Next, click on the Add to Bag button.

    Click on Go to Checkout.

    Input your email address and click on Checkout.

    Select Klasha Payment Gateway as your payment method and click Go to Payment.

    Choose your payment method and follow the instructions.

    Hurray! Your payment is successful, and your order is complete.

    With your Klasha Business Account and an Ecwid account, you can easily integrate KlashaCheckout with your Squarespace store. KlashaCheckout helps customers have a seamless payment experience when they pay with naira, cedis, and other African currencies. You can also send us an email to speak to our sales team if you want to know more about KlashaCheckout or your integration.