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    May 20, 2022

    How do I integrate Klasha with my online store and get paid from Africa?

    With the rising figure of digital buyers at 2.14 billion, almost everyone around you is an online shopper. As an online store owner, the world is your oyster as long as your store has the prerequisites of a user-friendly e-commerce platform – one of which is a seamless payment gateway for customers.

    Since its kickoff in 2021, Klasha has been focused on bridging the e-commerce gap between African consumers and the rest of the world. Consumers in Africa should have the same access to goods and services they want, regardless of their geographic location. This is why we have product offerings that you can integrate into your business platforms to sell and get paid online seamlessly.

    Klasha Pay

    Created for merchants, Klasha Pay is the best payment gateway solution for your online business. This highly responsive checkout allows African consumers to pay for their products seamlessly in your store with their African currencies. Once this technology offering has been integrated with your business platform, you no longer have to worry about the complexity of online payments. With Klasha Pay, you will be able to receive card payments, mobile money, bank transfer, M-Pesa, USSD, and the Klasha Wallet.

    We can also help beyond payment methods as Klasha offers end-to-end logistics tackling Africa's complex maze of last-mile logistics.

    To expand the reach of merchants interested in African e-commerce, Klasha has partnered with different platforms for ease of integration. These platforms include but are not limited to:

    Simply put, you can integrate Klasha into any above-mentioned platforms and get paid.

    Payment Links

    Offline or online,  Klasha Payment Links facilitate fast online payments and are used by businesses in Africa as a payment solution. This payment option is mostly used by businesses with no e-commerce storefront. 

    The Payment Links are easy to create, share and delete without any help from Klasha Support. Merchants can create the link in a few minutes and share it via different channels with their customers.

    This system allows merchants to sell anywhere in Africa with customised payment links and accept customer payments, with no website or code required.

    Klasha has made selling into Africa easy. Whether your business is online or offline, our solutions will ensure that your customers have a user-friendly payment experience and you get paid easily. Get started by integrating Klasha Pay with your e-commerce platform or creating  Payment Links for your business. 

    You can also reach out to us if you have any questions or inquiries; we will be glad to help.