Klasha Business

    September 28, 2022

    Extend your company’s reach with Klasha Business

    Starting your business might seem like a huge step, but most entrepreneurs agree that growing and expanding their business’s reach is a process that takes more time than expected. However, as a business owner, there are some essential steps you need to keep your business’s value relevant and customer-centric.

    With the rapid commerce growth in Africa, there is enormous potential for your business to grow, but your reach can only be profitable if you’re properly positioned for your customers to easily discover your products and services, interact with your offline or online platform, and have a great user experience which they can share with other potential customers.

    Here’s how you can extend your company’s reach with the features of Klasha Business:

    Localised payment experience

    As a business, you should always think about how business decisions will help or deter your customer’s experience. With a Klasha Business Account, you can integrate KlashaCheckout into your e-commerce platform so your customers can pay in their local currency.  KlashaCheckout integrates into Primer, Ecwid, OpenCart, and other e-commerce websites and helps your customers make seamless payments in minutes.

    As KlashaCheckout was built to help you with frictionless commerce, you will be able to accept payments on the web, iOS, and Android. You will also enjoy high transaction success rates and receive payments in African currencies like naira, cedis, and Tanzanian shillings, to mention a few.  Furthermore, with KlashaCheckout, your customers will have a localised payment experience, which in turn improves user experience.

    Simplified payment methods

    Whether you’re an offline or online business, you must remember that paying for products and services has to be simplified for your customers.  Aside from helping with a localised payment experience, KlashaCheckout is a simplified payment method for online e-commerce platforms. If you have a business with no e-commerce front, you’re not left out as we have Klasha Payment Links to help your business reach.

    Instead of sharing your account details repeatedly, Klasha Payment Links helps businesses create and share customised payment links to their customers in different channels. You don’t need a website or coding experience to do this. Simply sign up for a Klasha Business Account, create a one-off or recurring link, share the link via email or other social channels, and collect payments in African currencies. Another great feature with KlashaCheckout and Klasha Payment Links is you can get paid out in USD, GBP, and other dominant currencies.

    Competitive FX rates

    Good business reach involves improving your business relationship and processes with your partners and suppliers. Your Klasha Business Account also comes with embedded FX capabilities that help you make international transactions at market rates using KlashaWire.

    With KlashaWire, you can send money to your business partners and suppliers in your local African currency while receiving the funds in their dominant currency. KlashaWire lets you send money to the UK, USA, China, and over 120 countries in naira, cedis, and other local African currencies. Your wire transfer is secure and settled in 1-4 business days.

    If you want to extend your company’s reach, create a Klasha Business Account to get started. Klasha Business is a payment solution which helps businesses make payments to improve their business processes and accept payments from and to Africa, extend their company’s reach, and make international and local payments. Remember that when extending your company’s reach,  you must be customer-centric.

    Send us an email to speak to our sales team if you want to know more about Klasha Business and how it can help your business grow in the continent.