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    September 9, 2022

    Three e-commerce businesses you can start in Tanzania with a Klasha Business Account

    E-commerce in Tanzania is still at the rudimentary development level. Still, it shows the potential to increase, especially considering the recent expansion of mobile payment methods such as M-Pesa. 

    According to Statista, revenue in the e-commerce market is projected to reach $566.80 million in 2022 at an annual growth rate of 16.10%, resulting in a projected market volume of $886.90 million by 2025. In addition, user penetration will be 15.5% at the end of 2022 and 20.6% by 2025.

    Tanzania also has the fourth largest e-commerce consumer base in Africa. The number of online shoppers is estimated at over 1.5 million, accounting for 21% of total Internet users and 5.3% of the total population. The online buying behaviour of most Tanzanians is through social media pages where business outlets post their products and services, and the customer contacts the seller for delivery. The payment is usually via delivery or through mobile money.

    As a business owner interested in the Tanzanian e-commerce market, we have three business ideas you can kick-start and receive payments with either KlashaCheckout or Klasha Payment Links, features of Klasha Business;

    Online teaching

    Online teaching is a low-investment business idea that generates massive income if well managed. All you have to do is create a video, document, or course explaining a subject you’re familiar with and then host it on your website. People love to learn from experts. If you can establish yourself as a pro in a field, you will make money continuously when people enrol in your course.

    Get started by thinking about the topics you are good at — social media marketing, business development, and web development — then the next step is deciding the medium you want to use to teach online.

    Dropshipping business

    Dropshipping is selling products to the retailer or wholesaler when it is out of stock so they can ship the goods directly to their customers. You don’t need a warehouse full of inventory to start this business. Instead, you can start by getting some products from a supplier and having them take care of things like packaging and fulfilment. This process eliminates certain business risks.

    Your business partners can pay you through KlashaCheckout if you have an online platform or via Klasha Payment Links. You create a unique link for your customers to pay and share with them through social media channels.

    Sell online art

    If you’re creative, you can turn your work into a source of revenue with your social media or e-commerce platform. Whether you’re a musician, painter, photographer, or videographer, you can post snippets of your work online for free to entice people first before you start selling as digital products.

    Selling through your e-commerce platform or via social media in Tanzania can be seamless with Klasha Business.

    Klasha Business is a unified payment solution that helps merchants make and receive payments in and from Africa using African money currencies and methods. The features of Klasha Business include the following:

    KlashaWire is the payable feature of the Klasha Business Account, which helps merchants wire money overseas. As a business owner, you can send money to your business partners and suppliers in the UK, USA, and over 120 countries in local African currencies. The recipient will get the money in their domicile currency.

    Klasha Payment Links is for merchants without a website or e-commerce store. You can easily customise a payment link and share it with your customers on Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other channel.

    KlashaCheckout is a highly responsive checkout that is perfect for e-commerce platforms and gives customers a localised payment experience. Once integrated into any app or website, customers can make payments in African currencies and money methods, while the merchants can payout in any currency of their choice.

    With the anticipated growth of Tanzania’s e-commerce, you can get your business started and available to the digital audience in the country.

    You can book a meeting with our sales team if you want to know how to sell in Tanzania with the features of the Klasha Business Account.