Life at Klasha

    October 28, 2022

    Meet Dorathy Clement, finance executive at Klasha

    My name is Dorathy Clement, and I am a finance executive at Klasha. I graduated from Regent University, Accra, Ghana, with a bachelor's degree in accounting and information systems. So safe to say I’m the assistant CBN of Klasha!

    How did your finance journey start?

    My financial journey started as a child. My dad would give me the cash he had at home to keep for him and collect in bits for home expenses. I always keep a journal of these expenses, and when the money was exhausted, I would show him a breakdown of these expenses. As a child, I enjoyed doing this, and I still do till date.

    What was your career like before Klasha?

    I started my career as a treasury analyst with Interswitch, where I worked for one year. After that, I moved to a real estate firm where I was an account executive for two years before I joined Klasha nine months ago. It’s been an exciting couple of months, and I’m enjoying the ride. As mentioned earlier, I grew up taking responsibility for my money and my family’s, so I didn’t need anyone to force a career choice down my throat because it was glaring to all my family members that I had a passion for finance. My head start at Interswitch was great, and my role afterwards shaped who I am today—joining Klasha and having the privilege to work with my amazing team has been incredible. I wouldn't trade my team for anything in the world right now! GO, TEAM FINANCE!

    Work-life at Klasha

    Having had a taste of the fintech industry in the early years of my career, I needed to get back into the game, and Klasha ticked all the boxes for me. So far, my most outstanding achievement was when my supervisor was not around for a couple of weeks, and I had to hold the fort till she returned. I can proudly say I did a good job handling all the challenges during that period. The most exciting aspect of my job is having an insight into the organisation’s financial goals, being part of the planning, and helping my team members from other departments achieve their goals. This is because I believe in my mantra, which states that everything starts with me; I have the power to make a positive change today.

    It helps me relate well with my colleagues and also allows me to help solve any finance-related issue within my capacity as soon as possible.

    Can you explain from a finance perspective what Klasha’s goals are?

    Klasha is helping businesses bridge the cross-border payment challenges in Africa. The mission is to create a frictionless commerce experience for Africans by giving consumers access to shopping options outside the continent and helping merchants worldwide sell their products in Africa.

    What would you have been doing if you were not a finance executive?

    I would have dived into project management if I was not a finance executive. That’s another career I have a flair for.

    What do you do outside work?

    I enjoy hanging out with my friends and having meaningful conversations about life over a good meal and a fine bottle of wine.

    What do you typically do when you’re bored?

    I rarely get bored as I'm always able to entertain myself. I listen to afro beats a lot (big Wizkid fan). Another thing I enjoy doing is watching horror movies. Boredom has no way of creeping in.

    What do you think is the worst thing a person can put on their bio on a dating app?

    I’ve never been on a dating app, but I think the worst thing to put will be,  “I’m the king you’ve been waiting for.” However, as I said, I’ve never been on a dating app.

    Would you like to work with Klasha?

    Klasha is constantly searching for brilliant minds to work with in building the future of commerce for Africa together. We have different roles for various parts of the world and would love to meet you or someone you know who is interested in our mission of seamless cross-border solutions in Africa.

    To check the latest openings, follow these steps:

    1. Visit Klasha’s career page.

    2. Search for a role you love.

    3. Apply, and we’ll get back to you.

    We look forward to working with you.