January 24, 2024

    Introducing the Klasha NGN virtual account API

    We are happy to announce that merchants can now create dedicated virtual accounts for their customers to enable faster collections and easier reconciliation.

    The Klasha NGN, virtual account API, allows businesses to create virtual accounts for their customers to facilitate faster collections and easier reconciliation. When integrated into your website, mobile app, or financial system, you can generate NGN account details (account number and bank information) on demand. These accounts are dedicated accounts that customers can use to make repeat bank transfer payments.

    For instance, if you are a fintech building a wallet system, you can integrate Klasha virtual account API and generate unique bank accounts for your customers to fund their wallets. The virtual account works like a regular bank account and is only available in Naira. 

    What are some use cases for the NGN virtual account API? 

    • A fintech product manager who needs virtual accounts for their customers can integrate the Klasha virtual account API to generate account details on demand.

    • A business owner who needs to collect repeat payments from their customer can generate dedicated virtual accounts for their customers.

    What are the benefits of the NGN virtual account API?

    1. Efficiency: Streamlines payment procedures, minimizing complexities for both merchants and customers, facilitating smoother transactions.

    2. Customer retention: Boosts customer allegiance by offering a convenient and favored payment method, fostering loyalty.

    3. Secure transactions: Incorporates robust security measures, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of transactions.

    4. Scalability: Adapts seamlessly to evolving business demands, easily accommodating surges in transaction volumes. 

    Who can use the Klasha NGN virtual account API?

    • Fintech companies

    • E-commerce platforms

    • Subscription-based businesses

    • Online service providers

    How to integrate Klasha NGN virtual account API

    1. Register your business and get approved at

    2. Integrate the Klasha NGN virtual API here.

    3. Go live and start creating NGN virtual accounts.

    The new NGN virtual account API will take your business to the next level. So, if you're a business owner who wants to start creating NGN virtual account details for your customers, sign up on Klasha Business or speak to our sales team.