Klasha Business

    July 13, 2023

    Introducing Klasha Business virtual dollar card, the Black Card

    Poised to provide cross-border payment solutions, Klasha is thrilled to announce the launch of the Klasha Business virtual dollar card, also known as the Black Card, for businesses. It is not restricted by geographical boundaries and can be used to make purchases from websites or merchants around the world.

    The Black Card is a pre-funded Visa virtual dollar card; funded with naira. You do not need to have dollars to use the Black Card; you can swap your naira for dollars to create a card.

    What are the benefits of the Black Card?

    Global acceptance: As a business owner, there will always be a need to pay for various services, from Zoom subscriptions to AWS, Drip, and many others. The Black Card is globally accepted on almost all websites that accept a Visa card.

    Unlimited spending: The Black Card comes without limit. This means goodbye to the $20 or $100 card limits placed by traditional banks. You can spend globally without any limits or restrictions.

    Security: At Klasha, all transactions are 100% safe and secure. We are PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 compliant and guarantee the highest protection from fraudulent transactions.

    Track all business expenses: The new Klasha Business card is a feature of the Klasha Business Account. This means you can track all your business expenses from a single dashboard and gain real-time visibility into all your business transactions.

    Are there any charges on the Black Card?

    • Card creation fee; To create a Black Card, you will be charged a one-off fee of $3.50. The lowest amount you can fund a card with is $5.00. This means you will need a total of $8.50 to create the Black Card; $5.00 will remain on your card, while $3.5 will be debited as a card creation charge.

    • Card funding fee; Subsequent card funding after creation will cost $1.5. This will be deducted from your wallet per the current exchange rate at the time of the transaction. 

    • Maintenance fee; You will be charged $1.00 monthly to ensure optimal card services and security.

    • Insufficient fund fee; You will be charged $0.50 every time you initiate a payment without sufficient funds. After two failed attempts, the card will be terminated, and the balance will be returned to your wallet at the current withdrawal rate. You can prevent this charge by sufficiently funding your card for one-off or recurring transactions.

    How to create a Klasha Business virtual card

    To create a virtual card, you must have a Klasha Business Account. If you’re yet to create an account for your business, sign up here.

    Follow the steps below to create a Klasha Business virtual card.

    • Log into your Klasha dashboard.

    • Create an NG wallet if you don’t have one.

    • Click the Cards on the right side of your home page. 

    • Click on Get yours now.

    • Enter the amount you wish to fund your card with. (The minimum funding amount is $5. NB: A creation fee of $3.5 is applied upon creation).

    • Click on Confirm to proceed.

    • An OTP will be sent to your phone number. Enter the OTP and click Submit.

    • Tap Show me my card to see your card and its details.

    The Black Card provides seamless global payment solutions for businesses. Create a Klasha Business Account to get started.