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    October 13, 2022

    Don’t own a website? Receive payments easily online with a Klasha Business Account

    A recent survey showed that one in three businesses (40%) do not have a website. About 28% of small business owners also say they are unlikely to create a website. Despite the belief that owning a website establishes business legitimacy and authority, more businesses simply exist online due to the array of tools social media channels offer.

    A payment link is an instant request you can send your customers, allowing them to pay for your products and services when they click on the link. This payment is quickly processed online without needing a website or checkout tool.

    Klasha Payment Links

    Klasha Payment Links is a secure payment solution that allows you to create and share customised links, which you can use to accept payments from your customers.

    Perfect for businesses that do not own a website or storefront, you can share the links with your customers via WhatsApp, SMS, email, or other social channels. When you share your links with your customers in Africa, they can pay in NGN, GHS, TZS, and other local currencies, creating a localised payment experience. As a business owner, you can also request a payout in any currency of your choice, making the experience a win-win for all.

    Top benefits of Klasha Payment Links for your business

    • All Klasha payments are secure, meaning your customers and business are protected when you use Klasha Payment Links.

    • Ease of convenience for your customers. Instead of sending your account number or using other links that are not secure and safe, your customers will pay seamlessly, improving their experience.

    • Different currencies and money methods are allowed. Why restrict yourself to a few currencies when you can have more? Allow your customers to pay in their preferred currency, and you receive your payout in your currency.

    • With a Klasha Business Account, you don’t just have access to payment links; you get other features that will make your business scale.

    Create your Klasha Payment Links in these four simple steps

    1. Log in to your Klasha Business Account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up quickly. Once logged in, you will access the features you need to scale your business in Africa. Select Payment Links from the left side menu.

    2. Click the Create Payment Links button to create a new link. You will see all your previously created payment links here if you’ve done this before.

    3. Choose the type of payment link you want to create. You can create a “recurring link” that can be used repeatedly or a “one-time” link to receive payments for a product.

    4. Fill in your details and click on the Create Link button. That’s it! Your payment link has been generated, and you can share it with your customers.

    Make the best business decisions for your offline business when you sign up for a Klasha Business Account and sell using Klasha Payment Links. Our payment process is secure, fast, and seamless for you and your customer.

    Send us an email if you want to know more about Klasha Payment Links or other features of your Klasha Business Account.