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    June 16, 2023

    Biggest imports into Africa from China; how to leverage and sell

    Over the past few decades, the trade of goods and services between Africa and China has experienced significant growth. The two nations have enhanced their economic and political interactions and fostered a closer relationship. China has become an important trading partner for Africa, with numerous imports pouring into the continent. 

    These imports meet the demands of various industries and present lucrative opportunities for businesses looking to capitalize on the growing market. Trade between Africa and China rose by 35% from 2020 to $254 billion in 2021, mainly due to increased Chinese exports to the continent. 

    Overview of the biggest Imports from China to Africa

    The value of Chinese exports to Africa has skyrocketed from $5 billion to $110 billion. This surge in trade can be attributed to Africa's youthful population, fueled by expanding consumer markets within the continent, which has been a driving force behind the export of Chinese goods. Concurrently, African exports to China have also increased, albeit slower.

    In Africa, Nigeria and South Africa emerged as the primary importers from China. The two African nations collectively imported goods valued at approximately $16.7 billion and $15.2 billion, respectively, from China. 

    Some of the biggest imports from China into Africa include electronics and machinery, textiles and apparel, automobiles, perfumes and cosmetics, hi-tech products & finished goods, and consumer goods. These imports are popular due to their competitive pricing, quality, and suitability for African markets. Industries such as construction, manufacturing, retail, and technology have significantly benefited from these imports, propelling economic growth across the continent. 

    According to China's general customs office, trade between China and Africa reached $94.4 billion in the first four months of 2023, up by 8.9% compared to the previous year. From January 1 to April 30, 2023, exports from China to Africa rose by 26.9% year-on-year to $58.9 billion.

    How to leverage the biggest imports from China 

    To leverage the most significant imports from China, global merchants expanding business to Africa must identify the potential business opportunities and market gaps that align with the imports they aim to sell. Crafting compelling marketing and implementation strategies such as the following will attract customers.

    • Identify market demand: Conduct thorough market research to identify the products with the highest demand in a particular African nation. Focus on popular products that align with the preferences and needs of the local market. Adapt the features, pricing, and packaging of your products to meet the expectations of African consumers.

    • Product sourcing: Research and identify reliable Chinese suppliers or manufacturers who offer products that align with the biggest import categories in Africa. Establish direct communication channels with them to negotiate prices, terms, and shipping arrangements. Attend trade shows and exhibitions to meet potential suppliers and build relationships. These shows allow you to offer African consumers competitive pricing and various products. In addition to product sourcing, paying Chinese suppliers/manufacturers has now been made easy with Klasha Wire. You can pay them in any currency you choose while they receive the equivalent in their preferred currency.

    • Competitive pricing strategy: Determine a competitive pricing strategy that balances profitability with market demand. Consider product cost, import taxes, shipping expenses, local market, and payment methods. Africans transact in local African currencies and money methods. As a merchant expanding business to Africa, use Klasha Business to capture transactions in local African currencies and money methods. Simultaneously, you receive the equivalent in your preferred currency. 

    • Marketing and distribution: Develop effective marketing strategies to promote your products in Africa. Utilize online channels such as social media, e-commerce platforms, websites, or mobile apps to showcase your products and reach potential customers. Create engaging marketing campaigns that highlight the benefits of your products and differentiate them from competitors.

    • Partnerships and networking: Establish partnerships with local distributors, retailers, Influencers, and e-commerce platforms to expand your reach and enhance your distribution network in Africa. Collaborating with trusted partners like Klasha Business will facilitate smoother transactions and provide access to a broader range of products and competitive pricing. Partnering with businesses that know the local market will also provide valuable insights and support your growth efforts.

    How to leverage China-Africa trade with Klasha Business 

    As a business expanding to Africa and China, Klasha has made the journey seamless by providing a business account that allows merchants to receive payments, make international transactions, and manage all business payments from a single dashboard.

    With Klasha Business, you can pay your Chinese suppliers seamlessly, accept payments from African customers in local African currencies and money methods, and receive the equivalent in your preferred currency, all from a single dashboard. 

    Klasha Wire, a feature of Klasha Business, allows you to pay your Chinese suppliers using African currencies while they receive payouts in Chinese Yuan (CNY) in T+ 1-3.

    Another feature of Klasha Business is Klasha Pay and Klasha Payment Links. Klasha Pay is a payment gateway that integrates with e-commerce platforms, websites, and mobile apps. In contrast, Payment Links provides a no-code solution for accepting online payments from Africans in African currencies.

    With Klasha Pay and Payment Links, Chinese businesses can easily expand into the biggest African markets, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, without payment frictions. See how you can increase your revenue by 10x with Payment Links

    The trade between China and Africa presents tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. By understanding market demand, tailoring strategies, building partnerships, and leveraging Klasha Business, you can successfully utilize this trade for business expansion.

    Do you want to leverage the biggest imports from China and sell in Africa with Klasha Business?  Speak to our sales team or send us a message.