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ESQIDO PB & J Unisyn Lashes


Just like PB + J, this lash is the perfect balance of length and volume, with its shorter design and a generous layer of ultra-fine strands, making it an instant classic.

ESQIDO’s Unisyn™ lashes are handcrafted with our harmonic blend of ultra-fine fibres, joined together by a remarkably soft and flexible cotton band. It redefines the meaning of a perfect union; weightless, beautiful, and natural looking.

Pair your eyes with Unisyn™ lashes, for the ultimate lash experience.

Volume Light
Length 7 - 9 mm
Material Ultra-fine Synthetic Fibres
Band Handcrafted cotton band
Wear Period Multi-use

nigeria standard ₦1000

lagos standard ₦600

rest of africa $15

UK standard £5.99

USA standard $17