Warehousing & shipping your online fashion orders.

Ship us your online orders

We'll do the last mile delivery to your customers in Africa.
Utilise our warehouse

We'll store, pick and pack your online orders from our warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria.
Safety & security

All items are stored in a safe and secure warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria.

Shipping to Africa can be difficult. Ship with ease using our super fast last mile delivery.

We're experts in shipping to the continent and can ease the pain and cost of your deliveries.

More questions?

Where will my good be stored?
Your goods will be safely stored in our warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria.
Do I have to store my goods with you or can I ship them myself?
You do not have to warehouse your goods with us to use KlashaCargo. You can either choose to ship your orders directly to your customers or you can choose to ship your orders to us and we'll do the last mile for you.
How will I be notified of a new order if you're warehousing my goods?
All orders will still go through your website. If you've chosen KlashaCargo as your logistics provider we'll both be automatically notified once an order is placed.
How long does it take for the order to be delivered to our customer?
Orders can take anywhere from 1 day (Lagos) up to 7 days to be delivered depending on where the customer is located in Africa.