Life at Klasha

    August 26, 2022

    Klashan Series: Meet Temilola Okedigba, System Analyst at Klasha

    Hello, my name is Temilola Okedigba, a system analyst at Klasha. I hold a degree in Computer Science from Bowen University, Nigeria (2013), and a master’s degree in Computer Science from Coventry University, United Kingdom (2016).

    Life before Klasha

    I graduated with a first-class degree, so it was typical for many people to think I would become a lecturer. However, my deepest yearning was always to have hands-on industry experience, even in an academic environment. So I began my journey as a System Analyst in the Directorate of Digital Services at my alma mater, Bowen University, in 2017.

    In addition to being a System Analyst, I was appointed as the Project Manager for the university’s ERP project by the university management to lead the digital transformation of the university’s processes. This role involved documenting all the university’s processes and liaising with external stakeholders to decide on a suitable ERP system for the university. I was at Bowen University until July 2021 before joining Klasha in August 2021. I worked in a more traditional setup before joining the start-up environment at Klasha. I joined Klasha after interviewing for the open role of system analyst.

    The Klashan experience

    One thing I have come to realise as a System Analyst is that your responsibility varies according to the structure of the organisation you operate in. Typically, my responsibility at Klasha focuses on requirement gathering, usability testing, and documentation across the different products. I also work hand in hand with the CTO in making decisions relating to systems we integrate to ensure seamless day-to-day activities of the organisation. Also, I wear the cap of the ISMS lead auditor; as such, I am required to work with the lead implementer and the CTO to monitor and maintain ISO 27001 compliance within the organisation.

    My most significant achievements at Klasha include helping the organisation acquire the ISO 27001 certification within a few months of joining the organisation and leading the team that delivered the internal tool within the organisation within a great 4-week timeline.

    Life outside work

    I love drama, so I write scripts and act when I can; I have also been featured in two movies. I also love dancing, so I don’t miss an opportunity to dance, especially in church.  Finally, I love spending time with my husband and my daughters. I also love listening to music and wish to do more for young girls. Trust me; if I should win a million dollars today, the first thing is to set up tech funds for teenage girls to facilitate training, workshops, boot camps, and hackathons.

    I believe that in life, there is a need to keep learning, unlearning, and relearning to become a better version of yourself, and that’s what I do every day, which is why my mantra is “I am conquering my fears and becoming better each day.”

    I also believe there is always a new way to grow and improve as there are greater heights to attain in the tech world.

    Would you like to work with Klasha?

    Klasha is constantly searching for brilliant minds to work with in building the future of commerce for Africa together. We have different roles for various parts of the world and would love to meet you or someone you know who is interested in our mission of seamless cross-border solutions in Africa.

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