Life at Klasha

    May 15, 2023

    A day in the life of Emil Mamadov, Mobile Engineer at Klasha

    Here at Klasha, we're relentlessly pushing the boundaries of cross-border commerce. As a technology-driven startup, our software engineers play a pivotal role in ensuring the stability and scalability of our products. We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Emil, a Senior Mobile Engineer based in Turkey who initially joined us as a contractor and is now an integral part of our growing global team. We wanted to learn more about his experiences and gain insight into his daily life at Klasha.

    What inspired you to pursue a career as a Senior Mobile Engineer?

    I initially started off freelancing and earning passive income. Mobile devices are everywhere, so there was a clear need there, and it makes me happy to see people using features I’ve built.

    You recently joined our team full-time; what has the transition been like?

    The difference between being full-time and freelancing is night and day. I prefer being part of the team and having full involvement in projects; the benefits are better!

    How do you spend your leisure time outside of work? Are there any hobbies or activities that help you unwind and stay energized?

    I enjoy going on bike tours after work or during the weekends. I also love camping and exploring Istanbul. You can also find me reading documentation and upskilling myself (most likely on a mountain somewhere).

    Can you give us a rundown of a typical day in your role as a Senior Mobile Engineer at Klasha?

    My day starts with admin tasks, emails, Slack, and responding to the team. I complete outstanding tasks before our daily standup. Then, I solve tasks collaboratively with my team, liaising with the designers, mobile and backend teams. Finally, I get my hands dirty with my outstanding tasks for the day before syncing up with the team.

    In what ways do you believe your work as a mobile engineer supports Klasha's mission of revolutionizing cross-border commerce?

    I focus on ensuring our app's stability, a key part of delighting users. I also work on future documentation for our app's future.

    Could you share your favourite project at Klasha so far and explain what made it stand out for you?

    My favourite project so far has been the virtual card feature. It feels good to enable people to shop around the world. Also, our shop feature has been super fun; it's a new project for me regarding the subject matter.

    As part of Klasha's global team, what advice would you offer anyone considering joining our team, especially those outside our central office locations?

    You need to find focus spaces that work for you. These can be anywhere, but being distraction-free is key.

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