Three e-commerce security tips to keep your online store secure in Africa

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March 30, 2022
Three e-commerce security tips to keep your online store secure in Africa

Concerns regarding privacy and security are increasing as the e-commerce sector increases. According to Statista, the revenue generated by online shopping in Africa in 2020 is expected to be over 27.97 billion US dollars, up from the 6 billion generated in 2019.

As an e-commerce business owner, your priority is to safeguard your online store from the hundreds of security threats that occur every day.

Consumers want to do business with a company they can trust. They want their personal information, such as their credit card number or 22 banking details, to be adequately safeguarded when they submit it into a checkout on your site. Consumers are less inclined to do business with you in the future if your business gets hacked and customer information is exposed.

As an African business owner, there are a variety of security methods you can use to keep your online store safe. Here are the top three.

  1. Use a strong password

Over 23 million people's accounts were compromised in 2020, according to NordPass, because they used weak passwords like "123456," which hackers could crack in a second. It's best to ensure that you adhere to the best password-creation rules, for example:

  1. create long and unique passwords, use a combination of symbols, numbers, lowercase and uppercase characters. 
  2. Use different passwords for different services where possible.
  3. Passwords should be updated every few months or if they've been revealed to others.
  4. To keep track of login credentials, consider using a password manager. Password managers can also be used to create strong and unique passwords.

2. Add multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication is vital since it makes it more difficult for hackers to obtain information. Users must verify their login attempts using this method by providing a one-time passcode (OTP), answering a security question, or using their fingerprint. You can also activate MFA on your mobile device with third-party software, like Google Authenticator.

3. Use a secure payment gateway

Payment gateways can help eCommerce businesses reduce the frequency and likelihood of credit card theft. Merchants can use a payment gateway to accept credit, debit, and other types of online payments. The payment gateway operates as a middleman, ensuring that client information is protected and safe.

To Wrap It Up

With these security tips, businesses in Africa can now secure their online store. If you are looking for a secure e-commerce payment gateway for your business, Klasha provides you with a safe and reliable solution tailored to your business needs. To get started, sign up for free here.

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