Payment Link: The easiest way to accept payment from customers

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Janet John
March 3, 2022
Payment Link: The easiest way to accept payment from customers

Making payments in today's expanding e-commerce markets should be all about simplicity, security and speed. Customers and businesses are increasingly searching for a faster and more secure way to make payments as payment options improve. With so many payment options now available all over the world, one method that is gaining traction is "payment links".

What are payment links?

A payment link is a URL or QR code that enables businesses to send a request to their customers to pay for goods or services. When a buyer clicks on a link, they are sent to a basic checkout page where they can finish their purchase. It provides a flexible and easy way for businesses to collect payments from customers anywhere in the world without needing a website, app, or any coding skills.

A payment link can be sent through a text, via social media or as an email. The link will take the customer to a payment or checkout page where they can enter the amount they want to pay. Payment service providers, such as Klasha, offer this service at little charge.

Benefits of using payment links

  1. Improved customer service

Customers can pay for your products or services more easily and securely via payment links. Payment links can also help you align your business operations with changing consumer shopping behaviours. Even smaller businesses without the means to set up an online shopping cart can now provide a method for customers to order and pay for goods and services remotely, allowing them to experience the ease and security of shopping from home. Using payment links also eliminates the need for a payment tool, such as POS terminals or third-party applications.

  1. Real-time tracking

Payments made with payment links can be tracked in real time via the merchant dashboard, which also includes analytics. You'll find all of these features, plus much more, on the Klasha dashboard.

  1. Reduced processing time

The benefit of payment links is that businesses no longer need to meet with consumers for payment or wait for a bank transfer. They can simply generate a personalised link for their customers, with the information of the purchased items and the desired amount, and customers can complete the payment at their convenience.

  1. Security

A secure payment gateway backs up the creation and distribution of a payment link. Most payment links offer fraud and chargeback protection, making transactions easier for both merchants and customers.

  1. Multiple payment options

Service providers like Klasha that offer payment links have a wide variety of payment methods like cards, bank account transfer, USSD, M-Pesa, Ghana Mobile Money. Customers can choose any method they are comfortable with.

How payment links work

When a consumer clicks on a link, they are sent to a simple checkout page where they can complete the transaction.

Before sending it to the customer, the business simply enters the payment amount and then adds the customer's contact information, such as an email address and a phone number. The business can now share the payment link with their customer to receive payment.

  1. The merchant creates a payment link on their dashboard by adding the customer’s details and the payment amount.
  2. The merchant creates a simple custom checkout page on their dashboard.
  3. The merchant shares the payment link on multiple channels including social media or email.
  4. The customer receives and clicks on the link.
  5. The link then redirects the customer to the secure payment checkout page.
  6. The customer makes an online payment with their preferred payment method.
  7. The merchant gets notified after the payment is successful.

Why you should use a payment link

You can use a payment link for basically anything. For small businesses that are looking to move their sales online, payment links can be a good way to receive money from customers anywhere and anytime.

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