Klasha virtual card for all your needs

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Janet John
May 21, 2021
Klasha virtual card for all your needs

Making international online payment should always be simple, safe and convenient. At Klasha, we remain committed to simplifying borderless payments and yes, we have good news for you!

Before now, making international payments online with local cards was a hassle so we fixed this. You can now make online international payments using the Klasha virtual card without any restrictions. 

Unlike other bank cards and virtual cards, the Klasha virtual card gives you the full advantage and freedom to cater to all your payment needs. Our virtual card works on Google Pay, Apple Music, ASOS, Paypal, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and other websites you love. 

Things you can do with the Klasha virtual card:

  • Make international payments funded by your local currencies including NGN, KES or GHC.
  • Bypass your local bank account spending limits. You can even buy a Tesla with it.
  • Freeze your card when you need to or set up spending limits to help you manage your money better. 
  • Pay for Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more.

How to make payments with the Klasha virtual card:

  1. Download the Klasha mobile app on the Google Play Store or the iOS store.
  2. Signup for a free Klasha account in minutes.
  3. Fund your wallet through multiple payment methods including; card payments, M-Pesa and mobile money.
  4. Create your Klasha virtual card for free in $$ or NGN. Zero charges.
  5. Fund your virtual card with at least $5 for the $$ card and N500 for the NGN card.
  6. Use your Klasha virtual card to make local and international transactions.

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