Klasha is ISO 27001 Compliant! Here’s what it means.

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November 26, 2021
Klasha is ISO 27001 Compliant! Here’s what it means.

At Klasha, we have always made security and privacy our top priority. We want to ensure that every payment you make on our platform is completely safe and 100% secure. Because of this, we have taken extra measures to protect the sensitive information you share with us.

Today, we are excited to announce that we have received our ISO 27001 certification. The ISO 27001 certification is given to businesses that demonstrate that they have processes in place to maintain, create, and improve their information security management system and it isn’t easy to acquire either!

We have invested in acquiring this level of compliance within the 7 short months we have been live to emphasize our commitment to security and ensuring that the information you share with us is protected and safe.

Why ISO 27001?

Businesses and customers are increasingly concerned about cybersecurity and data protection, making it essential for companies to implement the highest information security standards necessary.  Google, Apple, Adobe, Oracle and many other tech giants, financial institutions, health services providers, insurance companies, education institutions, manufacturing and service companies around the world have decided to implement this standard and to get this certification as a proof of their capability to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information they process.

ISO 27001 compliance is a commitment, not a one-time activity. Getting compliant demonstrates that we are constantly working to protect the information of our growing user base, today and in the future.

Ongoing Efforts and Development

As we keep expanding our services and adding more features, we will continue to make security a top priority which means acquiring more certificates to ensure the safety of the thousands of users that use our services every day.

If you're a Klasha user and want to learn more about this compliance, reach out to us. And if you are thinking about potentially integrating Klasha into your business, you can contact our sales team here and someone will be in touch soon.

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