Choosing the best payment platform for your e-commerce business in Africa

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Janet John
August 3, 2021
Choosing the best payment platform for your e-commerce business in Africa

As a business, accepting payment from your customers is crucial for you to operate a fully functional e-commerce business in Africa. Many people prefer accepting cash (cash is king) but with the high rate of internet penetration in Africa, having different methods of accepting payment is highly beneficial, especially if you are trying to retain your customers.

Over the last few years, e-commerce payment platforms have increased, with merchants and consumers shifting to digital forms of making and receiving payments. Whether you are just starting or already have an e-commerce business, choosing the best payment platform for receiving payment is very important. When choosing the best payment solution for your e-commerce, there are several things to consider.

Here are things to look out for when choosing a payment solution for your e-commerce business;

1. Security and fraud protection: Protecting your users from fraud is very important when running an e-commerce business. When choosing a payment platform to accept payments in your e-commerce business, consider your user’s personal information safety and security.

2. Easy checkout process: Consumers are particular about the user experience and always expect “hassle-free” payments. So when you are choosing a proper payment solution for your e-commerce site, ease of transaction should be a key factor to consider. The transaction process on the payment platform should be easy, quick, and convenient. With Klasha, your customers enjoy frictionless payments experience online through our highly responsive, fast and smart checkout.

3. Ease of integration: If you’re using a payment platform, ensure the entire integration process is not cumbersome and will work seamlessly with your e-commerce website. Klasha lets you integrate seamlessly into WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, BigCommerce and more.

4. Multiple payment options: Ensure the payment platform offers various payment options to cater to your user’s preferences. Different methods of payments will significantly enhance the overall experience of your users and generate more sales. For example, with Klasha, your customers can make payments using bank account, debit cards, mobile money wallets and M-Pesa in their local currencies.

5. Accepting payment without a website: It is essential to use a payment processing platform that can receive payments on the go. For most businesses that do not own a website or have developer resources, receiving payments can be a hassle. With Klasha, you can create a simple custom checkout page directly from their KlashaDash dashboard and customers in Africa can make payments using their preferred payment method.

With Klasha, you can enjoy all of the above and more as you sell to your customers in Africa. Klasha also provides quick, cost-effective and direct shipping of physical goods from across the globe to your consumers in Africa. 

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