A New Era for Online Personal Shoppers and the African Consumer

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Janet John
August 30, 2021
A New Era for Online Personal Shoppers and the African Consumer

Shopping has been a fundamental human activity for quite a long time. People typically went to stores or markets to check what was in stock and carry out market research before deciding on a product. Once a decision is made, an exchange occurs between the buyer and the seller. 

Today, people carry out this activity but in a more convenient way without leaving the comfort of their homes. Some even utilize the services of a personal shopper to help with their shopping needs. All this is possible thanks to the internet. 

While brick and mortar stores are still relevant and making more sales than online stores, e-commerce websites are steadily rising, mainly due to the increased speed and convenience of shopping online. Online shopping is growing so fast that the global online shopping market nearly hit 4 trillion in 2020. 

Online shopping has changed many things and many merchants with brick and mortar stores now also have an online shopping option. Almost any goods or service can be purchased via the internet, and 1.8 billion people are doing just that. Fifty-three per cent (53%) of the world´s population is linked with the internet, and about 25% are shopping on the world wide web.

The era of online personal shoppers has enormously transformed how retail operates, with different technologies, consumer habits, and expectations shaping the industry. Personal shoppers curate the experience according to the customer’s need by finding products based on the client’s budget, tastes, and occasion for which they are shopping. Most importantly, online personal shoppers can seep through a customer’s psyche by becoming the go-to online salesperson, confidant, and a trusted second opinion. 

The way consumers now approach shopping is very different from how they did over 10 years ago, as technology has put more power in the hands of the consumers, forcing brands to be more competitive and pay attention to customers’ expectations. These expectations range from key issues like delivery to seamless payment experience

Challenges online shoppers face making and receiving payment 

Online personal shoppers face many challenges when it comes to shopping online, but the major challenge is around payments. Shoppers want a safe and secure way to receive payment.  Also, some online merchants’ inability to provide multiple payment options has caused personal shoppers, who do not like going through difficulty while making payments, to abandon their shopping cart at the point of payment.

There’s also the issue of cross-border payments. Most personal shoppers cannot shop on international sites because they can’t make payments in their currency.

Another problem online shoppers face is delivery and logistics. Products are often lost or damaged while in transit, and order tracking systems are unable to locate the product accurately. Thus, products often do not get delivered within the stipulated time, and consumers have to wait for days before receiving their products. 

Hassle-free payments with Klasha Payment Links

Fintech companies like Klasha have built solutions to address online payment challenges online personal shoppers face when making and receiving payments.

As a personal shopper, you can easily use the Klasha Payment Link to accept payment online in Africa. Klasha Payment Links provides a flexible and easy way to collect payments from customers in Africa without needing a website, app, or coding skills. Businesses can create a simple custom checkout page directly from their KlashaDash dashboard and share it with their customers with just a few clicks. As a personal shopper, you can attach this payment link to your invoice or share it via social media with your customers for faster payment. 

Are you a personal shopper and having challenges receiving payments? Create a Payment Link by signing up here.

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