Who we are

Proudly Made in Nigeria

Our goal is simple. We're on a mission to power Africa's e-commerce ecosystem, one payment and delivery at a time.

Klasha was founded in 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria by a team of ex-Amazon, Shopify, Net-a-Porter and ASOS employees. It was founded to make fashion more accessible to consumers across Africa. We believe that all consumers in Africa should have frictionless access to the fashion they want regardless of their geographic location.

We've built a checkout to allow international fashion retailers to sell seamlessly into the African continent and accept payments online in local African currencies. We also offer end-to-end logistics for retailers with KlashaCargo, tackling the complex maze of last-mile logistics on the continent.

*Fun facts: We're a super young team under 30-years-old. We've lived in eight different countries and speak six different languages between us including: Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, French and Chinese.

Brief History

We're a young team just getting started.

Klasha is founded
Klasha is founded by ex-Amazon, Net-a-Porter, ASOS, BSkyB, Lasminute.com and Shopify employees.
Klasha joins Techstars Dubai and receives seed funding from Techstars and Ginco Investments in the Middle East.
BETA launch
Klasha launches as a B2C online fashion retailer in Nigeria.
Angel round
Klasha raises an undisclosed amount from notable angel investors.
Logistics and Payments
Klasha creates a unique logistics network shipping across Africa in 1-5 days and accepts payments online in all African currencies.
Klasha checkout
Klasha launches a checkout to make it easy for international retailers to sell into the African continent.

Interested in joining our team?

We're currently hiring talented devs, technical writers and account managers.